Saturday, October 11, 2008

Contest Entries

Since my cable carrier decided to take a day off - something about 100 mile an hour winds Thursday night, go figure - I'm a little behind. So today we get both Trivia and Pics! A wonderful two-fer.

I tell ya, folks, Deidre wants those earrings! She sent in the trivia below and did a mighty fine job of it.

Question: When, from what country and for how much was Alaska purchased?
Answer: Russia in 1867 for under 2 cents an acre

Question: What is the state insect?
Answer: four spot skimmer dragonfly

Question: Where can you find more than half of the world's glaciers?
Answer: Alaska

Just some interesting facts:

If New York City had the same population density as Alaska, only 16 people would be living in Manhattan.

Alaska is less than 3 miles from Russia.

There are more than three million lakes in Alaska.

Now, to the pictures! That's what you all have been waiting for, right?
These are from Staci, and she did real good (read Texas drawl in there) finding us some hotties.

Don't you just love football season?

He may not be blond, but I'll taste wine with him any day. Anywhere. Man, those eyes, those lips, those arms... who cares what's in that glass? Hmm, he could do nicely for the hero of Cowboys Dream Too coming out next April...

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