Monday, August 10, 2009

It’s an Alaska Heat Wave!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Announcing the Earrings Winner!!

The winner of the Chinook Wine and Sink Her Contest, a name drawn from the hat to win the pair of beautiful glass bead blueberry earrings is...

Drum Roll Please

Maybe we should look at those earrings again

Aren't they pretty? I bought them this past summer in the gift shop at Denali National Park. Locally made, they're glass beads strung on silver wire.

So, for the first prize

The Runner Up, Goodie Bag of Alaskan Gidgets


And the winner of the awesome, gorgeous earrings and a Goodie Bag

Kensana Darnell!

Congratulations, Ladies!! Email me your snail mail addresses and I'll get those packages out to you this week!

Check back this December when I'll be giving away another pair of earrings to celebrate the print release of Frozen.

Contest Entries

This Blond Hottie comes to us from Savannah Chase, that wicked woman from Toronto. Nice one!

And another from the various entries...
And another, though Creed doesn't wear a kilt in this story. Who's to say he might not later?

It's the last day to get your entries in! Send me a hottie or some trivia about Alaska. Just keep it out of the current political arena. I see enough of it on the news lol!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Hottie

I just have to post this one. I should be writing and doing some critiquing, but this one always makes me smile.

Maithe's favorite hottie.

Ain't he cute?
Only a few days left, so get those entries in! I'm digging through my email to what to post next. I'm also gathering together the contents of two gift baskets. Don't forget about the drawing for our History Mystery starring Jean Baptiste Morgan! Hop over to The Morgan Diaries and cast your vote by Thursday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Squeeeeeeee! RT Review

Romantic Times Magazine loves me!

In the December issue, my futuristic with paranormal and erotic elements, FROZEN, was reveiwed and while I can't yet access the site (I can't remember my login) for the actual review, I do know my rating...

4 Stars!

1-2-3-4 little shiny gold stars!


Frozen will be available to order in paper on December 1, 2008. It is currently available in ebook format from Lyrical Press.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm so Behind...

A quickie three day trip to college visit will do that do a person. I can report that Fairbanks is getting very cold these days. Still balmy for them, but chilly for us who live on the coast.

On the way there, we saw this glorious sight, and I can tell you, in no way does my dinky little camera do justice to this landscape. The grandeur must be experienced to be believed. Still, the mountain should be recognizable. Tell me both names it is known by and get your name into the drawing for the grand prize to be awarded on Oct 29.

This gorgeous mountain wasn't the only sight of great beauty we saw. As we drove North into ever increasing chill and darkness, sunset comes earlier and earlier each day, on top of the perfectly clear skies, we saw the moonrise. One night past full, it was huge and bright. It kept us company, helping light the highway the rest of the way into Fairbanks.

Send in those blond haired hunks! And find me some unusualy trivia about Alaska... there's lots to know!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Contest Entries

Since my cable carrier decided to take a day off - something about 100 mile an hour winds Thursday night, go figure - I'm a little behind. So today we get both Trivia and Pics! A wonderful two-fer.

I tell ya, folks, Deidre wants those earrings! She sent in the trivia below and did a mighty fine job of it.

Question: When, from what country and for how much was Alaska purchased?
Answer: Russia in 1867 for under 2 cents an acre

Question: What is the state insect?
Answer: four spot skimmer dragonfly

Question: Where can you find more than half of the world's glaciers?
Answer: Alaska

Just some interesting facts:

If New York City had the same population density as Alaska, only 16 people would be living in Manhattan.

Alaska is less than 3 miles from Russia.

There are more than three million lakes in Alaska.

Now, to the pictures! That's what you all have been waiting for, right?
These are from Staci, and she did real good (read Texas drawl in there) finding us some hotties.

Don't you just love football season?

He may not be blond, but I'll taste wine with him any day. Anywhere. Man, those eyes, those lips, those arms... who cares what's in that glass? Hmm, he could do nicely for the hero of Cowboys Dream Too coming out next April...